Sierra Day in a school threesome scandal

innocenthigh sierra day Sierra Day in a school threesome scandal

Madison Ivy in the Locker Room

Innocent High

 Madison Ivy is a cute brunette teen and whenever she shows up in my office I know I’m in for some fun. That said, it wasn’t me that she was having fun with the other day when I walked in on her in the locker room. The pep rally had just ended and everyone had cleared out of the gym and as usual I went down to make sure that everyone had gone home before locking up. The last thing I need is a law suit after locking someone in the gym or the locker room.

So as I’m walking around the corner in to the locker room to check and make sure it’s empty I hear Madison Ivy’s voice and I got pretty excited. I was sure that we were going to have a quickie right then and there but then I heard coach’s voice too and as I peeked around the corner what should I find but Madison laying on her back on the bench between the lockers with her legs spread wide. Coach was butt naked and driving his cock deep in to her tight wet pussy! I couldn’t believe it but I couldn’t stop watching as they went at it!

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Sunny Lane Spreads Her Legs

Sunny Lane is one kinky babe and when she came in to my office to talk to me about her project for my film class I just couldn't help but fantasize about getting my hands on her tight toned body. Sunny shuts the door of my office and starts telling me how she’s had this great idea for her final project but she needed my help to pull it off. I had no idea what she was talking about but I figured she probably needed access to some part of the school or something so I told her that i’d be happy to help.

Sunny flashes me this naughty smile and hands me her camera and tells me that no matter what I have to keep filming. So I hold the camera steady and watch as she starts writing her name up on the blackboard and I figure she’d going to play teacher or something but then she sits up on my desk and starts to unbutton her blouse to show off her tits. I couldn’t help myself from staring and then she spread her legs to show off her panties too! I knew I should stop the camera rolling but I wanted a record of this tight teen!

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Kacey Jordan Rubs Her Meaty Pussy

Innocent High

Kacey Jordan is a blonde hottie who always comes to school in those sexy knee high stockings and every time I see her I just can’t help but stare at her. Well one day she caught me staring and I had to come up with an excuse when she asked if she could help me so I told her I needed to see her in my office. As soon as I shut my office door Kacey flashed me this naughty smile and started to tease me by lifting up her shirt. I guess she must have seen me staring at her and known just what I wanted!

Kacey didn’t take long to slip out of her panties as well and perch herself up on my desk. Moving around to the front of my desk I watched as Kacey slipped her fingers over her meaty pussy and then she slid those slender fingers in to her tight wet pussy. I couldn’t control myself when I saw those fingers slide inside her slit and I jumped in face first, burying my tongue deep inside her pussy. She loved how my tongue felt on her slit and she started to rude my face!

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Amy Brooke Spreading

Innocent High

Amy Brooke has always had a thing for Coach and when she found out that he was going to be her drivers ed teacher she just couldn't wait to get started. Coach was completely oblivious to all of her advances but when Amy accidentally bumped him with the drivers ed car and he got so mad that he threatened to fail her Amy made it quite clear what she thought of coach! The whole way back to school she begged him not to fail her and the she told him that she’d do absolutely anything to make sure that she got a passing grade.

As coach led her in to his office and got ready to write her up, Amy slipped behind the desk and started to rub his cock through his pants. Amy couldn’t believe how hard his dick got and then she reached in to slip that throbbing cock out and slip it between her lips. Coach knew there was no going back now but his cock ached for her pussy and he figured it was the least she could do after hitting him with a car! It didn’t take long for Amy to spread those legs either!

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Jessica Fiorentino Takes That Dick

Innocent High

Jessica Fiorentino is a naughty blue eyed brunette babe who always loves being the center of attention and I can’t say that I mind making her the center of my attention either! The first time that Jessica found her way in to my office I was ready to tear in to her for smoking in the girls bathroom but when I started to get mad she said she had to show me something first and that’s when things started getting a little tricky. You see that kinky babe turned around, bent over my desk and pulled her panties aside to flash her tight wet hole.

Ever since then it’s been sort of a thing that we do where she gets in to trouble and comes on up to my office and she plays the naughty school girl and I give her all of my attention. With a body like hers I just can’t resist her and when she flashes me that delicious pussy I just can’t control myself either! It doesn’t take long after she slips my cock between her warm wet lips before I find myself plowing in to that tight shaved pussy of hers!

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Morgan Layne Gets Pounded

Innocent High

Morgan Layne is a blonde hottie who just got herself a boob job and now she thinks she rules the school. When she shows up to class wearing her glasses and showing off her juicy new cleavage she thinks that she can get anything she wants…well I wasn’t about to let her get away with it! Last week when she started talking on her cellphone during class I ordered her to stay behind for detention after everyone had gone home for the day…little did I know that she was going to turn it in to another one of her little games!

I started off by telling Morgan Layne that I make the rules in my classroom and that in no way was talking on her cellphone during class allowed. Well she starts looking at me with those big brown eyes and she says “well is this allowed?” and she proceeds to strip out of her uniform and flashes me those big juicy titties. I wanted so badly to tease them and after just a few minutes of watching her strip further I couldn’t help myself and rammed two fingers deep in to her tight wet snatch!

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Andy San Dimas Spreads Her Legs

Innocent High

Andy San Dimas is a real cutie with her long brunette hair and her tight toned body and to tell the truth I find myself fantasizing about her all the time. Well one day one of my biggest fantasies came true when I got a buzz from one of the teachers that Andy was late for class for then tenth time so I told the teacher to send her up to my office and I’d have a talk with her. It only took about five minutes before she got to my office but in that time I must have thought about every fantasy I’d ever had about her in my life!

Well when Andy San Dimas walked in to my office I had to excuse myself for a minute to pull myself together but when I walked back in what should I find but Andy sitting up on my desk flashing her panties. Her panties weren’t all she was flashing either, she had peeled off her shirt and was showing off those perky tits as well. I wanted to tell her to put her clothes back in but I was just mesmerized by that delicious body and she was begging me to lick her!

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Natasha Nice Takes A Big Dick

Innocent High

Natasha Nice is a naughty blue eyed raven haired teen and she knows that she can get just about anything that she wants from me when she comes in to my office. The other day she can in and started telling me how her English teacher wasn’t giving her the grades she deserved. I asked her why she felt that way and she started to tell me how she knew that she was an A student but on her latest paper Mr. Fitzergood gave her a B instead of the A she deserved. I asked her what made her feel so sure she deserved an A and that’s when she started…

Natasha unbuttoned her blouse and started to let her cleavage show and as soon as I lay eyes on her tits in her blouse I felt my cock getting hard and I knew that no good was going to come of things. Just as I was trying to control myself Natasha slipped out of that shirt and then she bent over my desk to show off her bare shaved pussy! I was drooling for a taste of that slit but lucky for me she didn’t make me wait long !

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Jade Indica Gets Pounded

Innocent High

Jade Indica is always looking to get in to trouble and when she faked an injury in P.E. class she got just what she was looking for. She is one horny teen babe and she just can’t get enough cock especially since the other guys in her year are so immature. Well Jade decided that she was going to fake spraining her ankle so that she could get coach to take her back to his office and call the nurse to come and help. Little did coach know that once they got back to his office that Jade was going to suddenly get better.

When he lay her down on his desk Jade asked him to kiss her better, coach wasn’t sure what to do but when he looked at the growing wet spot on her panties he knew he couldn’t resist her. He unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock and told her to wrap her lips around that fat cock. Jade did what he asked and she couldn’t believe how amazing his dick felt between her lips, she felt so naughty! She felt even naughtier though when she split her legs wide and begged coach to fuck her!

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